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        Therefore we provide a space of viewing the divine tree with different viewpoints.
1. Low angle viewpoint (worm view: Original observation type)
2. Parallel viewpoint (textural experience)
3. Dynamic viewpoints (from far to near, from top to low) by sloping structure   

The solution:
1. Provide a space of viewing the divine tree with different viewpoints
2. Raising the body of divine tree to emphasize the scale of the tree. 
3. Preserve the root of divine tree that visitors can observe it. 
4. To develop a new scenic spots to establish the characteristic of this area.

    Design Concept

  The divine tree of Alishan is one of spiritual landscapes in Alishan. To preserve  sublime of the tree and how people to observe the tree are our focal points.

        The divine tree isn't intimate with people before it be laid on the ground, tourists just can observe the tree through the railings. we ont only provide  a friendly space to tourists but also preserve the sublime of the tree.

       How to See a Tree
People can only view a tree on the ground and bird-view is impossible, so we notice that:
1. Vertical development
2. Not enough for horizontal depth
3. Huge scale of divine trees
4. Sunshine can hardly spray through the forest
5. Touch of the texture is considerable.



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of Alishan divine tree Preserving